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Closing Session

Here’s the closing video for the Beautiful Branch Discipleship Course. I would love to pray with you before you exit this course arena. 

Hear my closing remarks too…

Watch Now!

Please I will appreciate your feedback on this course.

Kindly fill the form below to let me know:

• What you are going away with from this course?
• What resolutions you have made for your life in the course of the course?
• What new thing(s) you have learnt?
• What’s the highlight of this course for you?
• What questions do you still have?
• What advice/suggestions do you have for subsequent classes?


You have definitely been added to my prayer list and I will continue to pray for you that God’s purpose for allowing you to be a part of this course be fulfilled in Jesus’ name.

Go and Do exploits!

– Dr (Mrs) OMOSEBI Mary Omolola