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Course Outline

This is an overview of the Beautiful Branch Discipleship Course :

Module 1

¤ How to achieve the feat of having a beautiful spirit

¤ How To be fit for ministry

¤ Purpose discovery through revelation

¤ Wisdom for excellence on purpose way

¤ How To become a vessel unto honour

¤ The bedrock of a Christian’s life



¤ The benefits of Singleness

¤ What you should be doing while single

¤ Why you should not rush out of your single phase

¤ How To prepare for life after singleness

¤ What steps to take if you decide to get married

¤ The importance of chastity

¤ Dealing with sexual molestation



¤ God’s Blueprint of marriage

¤ The purpose of marriage

¤ The important factor necessary to function in God’s blueprint

¤ The call to the wifely ministry

¤ The responsibilities of a beautiful wife

¤ Two things a beautiful wife must never do

¤ What to do when your marriage is not a happy one and you are having it tough



¤ The mothering ministry

¤ Children being mirror images of their parents

¤ Mothers being agents of influence

¤ The many (8) faces of a beautiful mum

¤ The praying mother versus the cursing mother

¤ Knowing when to let go

¤ Your children being taught of the Lord

¤ Setting your priorities right; your husband versus your child(ren)



¤ What God has to do with your career choice

¤ Learning to trust God to take care of you

¤ Getting to understand what’s really important in life

¤ The place of money

¤ The importance of seeking God’s perfect will concerning your career

¤ Doing exploits in your career and how to excel and stand out

¤ Understanding when it is time for a change

¤ The key to career success

¤ Rest after labour



¤ The garment fit for a Beautiful Branch

¤ An important thing to add to your outfit

¤ Beauty enhancements

¤ Self love



¤ The importance of being fruitful

¤ The three categories of fruits a Beautiful Branch must bear


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