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Bit By Bit Payment Plan

Sometimes, you have it in mind to embark on a project but the cost seems so enormous that you retreat. I have however come to realize that an easier way exists to get the work done…

Instead of looking for the bulk sum at once, why not save for it in bits or pay in installments?

I am introducing this style of payment to those who want to take my online writing course but don’t have the money at once.

You can now pay in instalments over a period of time that you set and then commence the course once you’ve fully paid. This will be like saving for the course but somewhere that you don’t have access to the money for diversion into other project different from the one that you really wanted to take on.

Just like breaking goals down to smaller chunks makes it less overwhelming, this style of payment will help you reach your goal on time.

Another good thing is that once you make a commitment to this, you will not be affected in the event that the investment cost of the course goes up.

Do you think you want to work with this?

Send me a message and let’s get it started!


P. S. This will also apply to those who want to publish their books.