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Broken Past; Unbroken Future (1)


It is always best to work from the roots of issues up; first identifying the problem before seeking solution to it gives better results and sense of direction because you would have your eyes fixed on a target.

This first part of the seminar is all about understanding what a dysfunctional family is and who the key players are in a dysfunctional family.

Watch the first part now👇

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9 thoughts to “Broken Past; Unbroken Future (1)”

  1. Thanks for sharing about this and pointing these traits out sis. May this vicious cycle be broken. 🙏 And may we choose to build a redefined and healthy family. 🙏

  2. Thanks for d beautiful video on dysfunctional home.Really the children are at d receiving end of all this whole saga and it’s sad how this is having a ripple effect on the society at large.The change should start from you and I to consciously and prayerfully raise an ideal family where love and harmony will be top notch.God help us all🙏

  3. The teaching on dysfunctional family was so apt👌🏼. I’ll watch the second part today.

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