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Broken Past; Unbroken Future (2)


Now that we have a picture of what a dysfunctional family is (if you haven’t seen part one of this seminar, please scroll down this page for the button that will take you there), in this second part of the seminar, I shine the spotlight on how dysfunctional families affect children.

I am hopeful that the knowledge of how critical it is to have an ideal family will help both singles and married to strive to build sane environments for their offsprings to be raised in.

Watch the second part of the seminar now (scroll further down for part 3)👇

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You haven’t watched the video of the first part of this seminar?


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Watch the third part of the seminar now 👇

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5 thoughts to “Broken Past; Unbroken Future (2)”

  1. Phew. When the abnormal becomes normal!. Our generation indeed needs help. Yes, we deserve everything good, may we choose His words for us. Thank you for sharing this Sis. 🤗

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