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You Touched My Heart: A Love Song

Some months back, I received a private message from a certain lady. I checked out her profile and found out we were actually Facebook friends. I didn’t even know how or when we became friends. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she went on to inform me about her reason for reaching out to me. She […]

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It Wasn’t Easy

Happy #Song_day friends! I will be sharing with you today, a song that I have loved for years… A song that reminds me of the depth of God’s love for me and mankind generally. This song by Cece Winans touches my spirit in a special way. Jesus gave up His glory to identify with people […]

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Faithful Is Our God

I’m sharing a song of hope on this #Song_day. Yes, God is faithful. This song by Hezekiah Walker is an inspiring piece that talks about the faithfulness of God. Has He promised you something and it seems it’s taking too long to see it fulfilled? One thing is sure: He will surely watch over His […]

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I Almost Let Go

It’s another Song-day and I am sharing with you a song that touches my heart in a special way. It is a great source of encouragement. This song by Kurt Carr will help keep your on the source of life. No one can be anything outside of God’s mercy and grace. These duo are responsible […]

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“Just Like You, Jesus”

  It’s going to be Song-day at on Sundays. Yay! This is the first Song-day and I am super excited. I love to sing and listen to inspiring music. “Just Like You, Jesus” by Cece Winans is one of my all time favourites. It captures one of the utmost desires of every child of […]

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