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Not Born To Be A Leader

  “My instincts tell me that you were not born to be a leader. Into the future, your place should be behind other people.” That was what a teacher told me in my first year in junior high school. 👆 The school was a new one. I was made the pioneer health prefect from year […]

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And She Got Depressed

  Mary was working in a Federal University somewhere in the North Central part of Nigeria. She was earning regularly and able to support her family. The family was happy. She was happy. Everything was going on fine save for one thing; the family lived in the South Western part of the country. Despite this […]

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Seeking to please God is not about one, not yielding or paying attention to one’s emotions. It’s in its stead about you having your emotions and feelings present but yet the love you have for God; the absolute trust you have in Him makes you stay within the confines of His will for you. Let’s […]

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Who Do You Let Into Your Ship?

  While running my Master’s degree programme, I lived in one of the school hostels. The block adjacent ours was occupied by some guys. There was a particular room on that block, where the occupants were always blasting music anytime there was electric power supply. One day, I just started humming one of the songs […]

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