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No Sex Outside Marriage eMagazine

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In 2017, I had a strong burden to lead a campaign for sexual purity tagged NO SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE. It was an eight-day campaign. Invited guests preinformed about salient topics bothering on sexual purity shared in depth knowledge on the subject matters with people on my social media platform and several people put up write-ups in order to encourage people to live sexually pure lives. It was such an impactful program, with something for EVERYONE irrespective of the gender or age.

Prevention, they say is better than cure. It is a great idea to look into avoiding pitfalls that can lead to disastrous endings for us rather than close our eyes to them and then seek ways to get out of them. This is a major focus of this campaign, to help you guard yourself from the strategy of the devil to make you fall into the sin of sexual immorality which God detests and has promised to judge/punish anyone that engages in it.

When we talk about sexual purity, we refer to being pure not only in our bodies but in our thoughts, mind and desires. Sex starts from the mind, it isn’t just about intercourse.

This issue is applicable to both singles and married; this is why this campaign is tagged NO SEX ‘OUTSIDE‘ MARRIAGE because only within the confines of marriage is sex allowed.

You are up for a very rich experience through this magazine which chronicles the first edition of the NO SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE campaign.

Please, make sure you find time to read this magazine and apply the content to your life.

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