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This book is a must read for all parents and parents-to-be. I believe this is an important tool that will equip you to raise sexually pure children in this age and time of sexual pervasion.

. . .There’s been about 2000 downloads and several amazing feedbacks.



I was invited to minister to a group of married folks a while ago on the very topic of this book. In the course of preparing for the ministration, I got thinking and the reality of the current level of decadence of our world really dawned on me.

It is indeed really scary but true that a lot of terrible things are happening in the world putting our children at risk of serious sexual pollution.

However, even though the issue of raising sexually pure children in a sexually perverted world is an aspect of parenting that in reality can make parents worry, you really don’t have to worry.

You practically cannot be with your child 24/7 but you can help them stay safe whether you are there or not.

It is the duty of parents to protect the innocence of their children by being cautious and watching over them keenly and with a great sense of purpose.

In this book, you will find out some practical steps you can take as a parent to protect your children from the ravenous wolves called sex predators out there.

It is indeed really important to arm your children with the right ammunition so that they can live in this sexually perverse world without becoming victims or being polluted.

I trust God to help you see all He wants you to see concerning this issue as you go through this book.


  1. Ekanem Cynthia

    I’m not a mum yet, but I’m glad I read the book. It touched areas most parents or guides shy away from, it was as transparent as possible leaving no stone unturned, because we have no choice o than to raise Godly offspring. Children who would understand, that despite the fact they live in this world of sin, they mustn’t be part of it; rather stand chaste and be firm about it.

    It’s a book I’ll recommend to anyone, not even just parents. As singles, it’s good we start preparing for what lies ahead of us.

    May the good Lord continue to fill you ma’am with His divine wisdom, and guide you accordingly.

  2. Kemi Akereyeni

    Just took time to read the book and I find it quite informative and educative. It’s not voluminous nor boring. It’s practical in every sense of it. Well-done ma.

  3. Yemi Adedeji

    You did a great job. It is a compact, tightly wound piece of spiritual and temporal energy, pocket size, but with far reaching power, because it is also quite simple.

  4. Abimbola Osagie

    I just finished reading this book. Indeed I was highly blessed and I recommend it for every parent or parent to be. I wish you more divine inspiration and insight. God bless you.

  5. Damilola Arowolo

    I just read your book on raising sexually pure children. I must commend your efforts. I was really blessed and enlightened. . . I am really grateful you wrote that, God bless you!

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