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An intriguing and thought provoking novella centered around sickle cell anaemia


Head or tail? Which shall it be?

Is it worth it to live life by chance and leave your future to be decided by a cast of die?

Peradventure you are faced with an incidence that you never bargained for? What do you do?

And when you could have done something to forestall negative occurrences but you didn‟t, what would be the way forward then?

In Sentenced, what was supposed to be an adventure of love by two people was marred by the errors of a trusted fellow.

Gabriel finds himself in a situation that makes him desire death above life. Would he cave in to the inner pressure?

Faderera is a product of cruelty which puts her in a prison of circumstance. Is there any hope for her release?

And then comes the sorrows borne by Mrs Elijah as a result of her negligence instead of ignorance. What would her intentional oversight cost her?

This book tells stories of the twist and turns of life.


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