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THE POLISHED SINGLE : A guide to living a purposeful and fulfilled life (eBook)

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The Polished Single is a book for every single that desires to maximise his/her period of singleness. It is loaded with wisdom tips that will make you look back on your single days if you decide to migrate from the phase of singleness and say to yourself, “I had a beautiful single life”.



Singleness is a great blessing that many refuse to embrace. The single phase is encapsulated with a whole lot of benefits that if harnessed, would go a long way to better the life of the one who is blessed with this special gift. You can be a single person and fulfill purpose. Actually, you should. Your life should not grind to a halt just because you are single. This is one big error that some singles fall into and you should not fall into the same pit they have. This book will guide you to avoid the pitfalls.

God desires that you live your life in such a way that pleases Him. Man’s original purpose is to worship God. This single phase poses a great opportunity for relationship building with your maker.

I am particularly concerned about the hike in the number of troubled marriages. I love the family institution and as such am saddened when I learn about a family on fire.

Having taken a very close look at many marriages over the years, I can infer that events prior marriage may have serious effects on the outcome of a marriage. Decisions taken as a single will either make or mar your future. The way you live your life through this crucial phase will, in the long run, determine if you fulfill God’s ultimate purpose for your life or not.

The purpose of this book is to provide you with a guide to living a full single life the way it should be. This is imperative because some people move on from being single while others don’t. Whichever group you fall in, you need the wisdom in this inspiring book. Singleness is a constant for everyone though the duration may vary from one person to another. The contents will help shape your life and sharpen your horizon as a single man or lady. This book will inspire you to ensure that you maximize your singleness.

It is my desire that you enjoy a wonderful single life. . .

6 reviews for THE POLISHED SINGLE : A guide to living a purposeful and fulfilled life (eBook)

  1. Adedayo Mercy

    “The polished single” is a must have for every single. It is really inspiring and a wake up call to as many singles out there, to make a change and stand for what is right in God in this perverse world. You are gonna love it so get your copy and digest it.

    Great job ma’am. God bless you with more inspiration.”

  2. Adenike O

    This book is wow! I don’t like reading on a good day but I just couldn’t stop reading this book since I started reading. Every chapter is loaded. The messages just keep sinking deep into my heart. I am reading this with my jotter in hand. I see something key to put down from virtually every page.

    God bless you for putting this together. You are a blessing to this generation.

  3. Henry Bassey

    God bless you for writing this book.
    I was all tears while reading your book “The Polished Single”

    I dread going into marriage atimes, though i also know its possible to have a blissful marriage as a born again child of God.
    I’m thoroughly breaking off that fear by His grace.
    Keep being a blessing, you never know whose life you’re changing by that gift of God in you. God bless.

  4. Ifeoluwa Thotu

    I am really blessed by this book, THE POLISHED SINGLE. I noted some striking points ma,most especially not rushing out of my preparatory and self discovery period which is my single hood, having a consistent relationship with God, making him my number one,allowing him to lead me and choose for me,having a second thought when making crucial decisions which must also go in line with God’s will.
    There is this striking point of not settling down to be a man’s second choice in terms of marriage,I can’t express the joy in my heart when I got to the end of this chapter(second fiddle?). I got more insight from this book that I can’t settle down for less.
    God bless you ma for this wonderful gift, I am really blessed.

  5. Okpubeku blessing

    Ma how do I get the polished single

  6. google puan verme

    Thanks for sharing.

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