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I have spoken with a number of people who claim that they have written books some dating several years back but have not gotten them past the manuscript stage. Some complain of not getting Publishers who would take on their Christian writings while others just get complacent along the line.

You see, there is a book in EVERYONE. Hill City Publishers will be glad to help you get that book out of you and out there into the world.

Hill City Publishers is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria. It is our vision to inspire people in our world through writing. We want to show people the light of God’s Words through publishing. Are you a Christian author looking for a suitable publisher? Look no further.

Quality production is our watchword. And we work to suit your budget as much as possible. We work to meet your feasible time frames too.

We don’t want that dream of you inspiring people through your book(s) to remain a dream forever. The grave does not need that treasure in you.

Enough of the procrastination.

Let’s hold your hand through the publishing stages. . .




••• Manuscript Editing and Proofreading

••• Book Cover Designs

••• International Standard Book Number Aquisition

••• High quality Printing

••• eBook publishing

••• Publishing on Amazon

••• Online Writing Course

••• Author mentoring

••• Book Marketing

••• Consultancy, amidst others.


When we publish your book, you retain all the rights to your book, you completely control the book design. Yeah. It’s still you self-publishing your book but with a guide. You can have paper back and eBook availability and you can distribute your book worldwide.



Because it is our goal to support authors who wish to go the way of self-publishing, we allow you choose what part of the publishing process you would have us help you. Besides, we have broken down the process so that you can take it one step at a time if you need to; to avoid overwhelm. Some of our charges are as follows:

••• EditingN200 (per standard page)

••• Cover design N10,000

••• Amazon publishing (eBook) and PDF format for eBook- *N50,000

 (publishing on Amazon only – N20,000) 

••• PDF format ONLY – *N35,000 ( ISBN + Designing + Admin charge + publishing on Okada 

••• ISBN Acquisition – N7,500

••• Admin charges.

For ebooks publishing  – N15,000

For print books publishing  – N50,000

Printing. (price depends on the book volume, colour specifications, etc)

Standard page: Times New Roman, Font size:12pt, 1.5pt line spacing, margin 2.54cm on all sides.



Click here to learn more and register for my WRITING COURSE



 Some books we have published:

These inspiring books are all available for purchase on our ONLINE BOOKSHOP. . . Some for free download 





It is not enough to publish a book if your book has not reached the hands of the right set of people. So much goes into publishing a book Hill City Publishers offers unique and effective marketing packages to promote your book on a budget.

We not only offer the ability for people who would love to purchase your books to do from our website, we also broadcast online through our social media accounts to give you worldwide access to new book lovers. Enrol for any of our marketing packages today so that we can help you sell more of your books!

Pick from any of our marketing packages below


•Book / author feature on our blog

•Paid Advert on our social media platforms for two weeks

•Scheduled book promotion on our social media platforms for one month



• Book / author feature on our blog

• Paid Advert on our social media platforms for six weeks

• Scheduled Book promotion on our social media platforms for 2 months

• Space in our online book store for six months,



• Book / author feature on our blog

• Paid Advert on our social media platforms for three months

• Scheduled Book promotion on our social media platforms for three (3) months

• Space in our online book store for one year

• Video book trailer,



Let’s have a chat today as we help turn that dream into a reality!

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