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Why Is She The Only One Responsible?

  There is this popular Yoruba saying usually made as a way of instruction to wives especially young wives which goes thus: “Ile oko, ile eko ni”. This is loosely translated as “Your husband’s house is a school”. No wonder it is usually only the woman that is expected to bend herself over backward and […]

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SEX IN MARRIAGE : A Message to Women

Many men complain about their wives depriving them of sex. As much as the men have a part to play in the overall health of their sex life, I have chosen to speak to women about the importance of sex in marriage. In this video, I also encourage the women to deal with the issues […]

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Spark to Flames

Let’s take the fireplace as a case study: You know, when you gather sticks to cook on a fireplace, for you to have a smooth cooking experience you have to continually shake off the ash from the sticks and push them further inside so that they can together give you better igniting power. It is […]

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Three Stages of Marriage

  •Are you married? •Married but feeling single? •Feel like giving up on your marriage? Wait… •Are you single and planning to get married? Watch this video to arm yourself with some indispensable knowledge for having a successful marriage as I share with you the three stages of marriage. Please share this with your friends! […]

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Are You or Your Partner ‘High’?

Esther chapter 1 records the story of King Ahasuerus being in high spirits as a result of the influence of wine and he in turn decided to dethrone his queen in the heat of the moment. You can be ‘high’ when you are under the influence of many things. This range from anger and stress […]

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It takes two to tango

Sometimes, scientific principles work well in real life. In mathematics, when you multiply a positive number with a negative number, the result is a negative value. This principle is applicable to marriage. I have seen under many circumstances, only one partner in a marriage willing to make the marriage work. The other person goes around […]

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