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Writing Boot Camp

I have prepared a tool that will help you plan the writing process of your book.

If you must maximize the boot camp, you need to download this guide (more like worksheets) and PRINT IT OUT so that you can keep it in a safe place and fill in the required information as you proceed with your writing up until the point of finally publishing your book.

There is a segment you need to fill right away, another that you will have to fill as your book progresses and the last part should be filled when the book is a done deal.


I will be checking up on you on regular basis in the Facebook group for a few consecutive weeks to see how well you are moving on with your task.

Aside this, I will also be mailing relevant write-ups to you as time goes on. I might also notify you of the write-ups via the group.

I encourage you to fully participate in the practical sessions in the Facebook group.

I will be available to attend to your questions there too…